I have supervised PhD theses in experimental philosophy and cognitive science, including naturalised philosophy of mind and mental health, on Wittgenstein and ordinary language philosophy, and on philosophical method. Former PhD students include Mark Curtis, Tamara Dobler, Ian Hare, Maria Serban, and Odai al Zoubi. I am external supervisor of Eyuphan Ozdemir at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Some of my PhD students have been supported by the CHASE doctoral training partnership, and benefited from AHRC scholarships and CHASE-funded conference travel and organisation, and lab internships abroad. I am always happy to help develop new project proposals.

I am also happy to supervise Masters dissertations on UEA’s MRes in Philosophy and the MRes Social Science Research Methods (Experimental Philosophy stream). I am always happy to receive proposals for theoretical and experimental projects, especially on topics from epistemology, philosophy of perception, philosophy of philosophy (including methodology), philosophy of psychology, and the cognitive science of language (concepts, stereotypes, metaphor). I am also happy to supervise historical projects on Oxford ordinary language philosophy, Wittgenstein, and classical and logical empiricism.

Class teaching

I am co-teaching the core graduate class on methodology and epistemology of philosophy and convene the postgraduate philosophy workshop and the philosophy research seminar.

I teach undergraduate classes in epistemology and philosophy of science (esp. philosophy of psychology) and on key texts (covering authors including the classical British empiricists, Wittgenstein, and J.L. Austin).